Photo montage to some of the large bronze sculptures found in Sculpture Woods.
Sculpture Woods A Creative Island Retreat
a solid green color

With myth and metaphor, Ann Morris' sculptures speak of the relationship between nature and humankind. On the fifteen acres of Northwest forest which surround her studio, art and nature converge. A wild quiet provides the setting for these figurative bronzes which appear to emerge from the ancient earth. It is a landscape in which to walk, look and reflect. While here please honor the land, the tranquility, the art and the privacy of the artist.

Sculpture Woods was given as a gift to Western Washington University by Ann Morris and her family.



Check out this video to watch the Video Tour of Sculpture Woods.


October 2010 marked the opening of Sculpture Woods, studio grounds of Ann Morris, at 3851 Legoe Bay Road, Lummi Island Washington. Sculpture Woods will be open to the public on the FIRST SATURDAY of each month from 10:00am to 4:00pm. 

There are sixteen large sculptures on the grounds to be visited and the gallery of smaller works will be open as well. The working studio will not be open. There is no admission charge. No photos please.

Park diagonally in the designated parking area only. ​Take a map for a self-guided tour and enjoy!


Ann Morris Sculpture Garden Sunset
Ann Morris Sculpture Garden Sunset