Aerial Sculpturewoods photo on a beautiful fall day overlook the Salish Sea in the background

October 2010 marked the opening of Sculpture Woods, studio grounds of Ann Morris, at 3851 Legoe Bay Road, Lummi Island Washington. Sculpture Woods will be open to the public on the FIRST SATURDAY of each month from 10:00am to 4:00pm. 

There are sixteen large sculptures on the grounds to be visited and the gallery of smaller works will be open as well. The working studio will not be open. There is no admission charge. No photos please.

Park diagonally in the designated parking area only. ​Take a map for a self-guided tour and enjoy!

Visitors Map of Sculpture Woods

She of the Piece

01 - She of the Piece - 1992
She stands contained, in the soul-making vessel of consciousness.



02 - Newsbringer - 1992
Instinctual womanhood, 
striding out of the ancient woods.


Double Dream

03 - Double Dream  1993   
A psychic state in dream time, internal and external male and female.


Will There Be a Place For Me?

04 - Will There Be a Place For Me? - 1994
The Goddess of Cycles reborn as a Virgin.


Her Cry

05 - Her Cry - 1993  
The mature fecund Goddess of Cycles asks us to consider our relation to our planet.


Dance of Life

06 - Life/Death/Life - 1994
The ancient Goddess of Cycles waiting to be reborn the Virgin.



Dance of Life

07 - Dance of Life - 1995
The joining of male and female. The spontaneous dance from which all creativity springs.


Ask Gaia

08 - Ask Gaia - 1996
The Earth mother as Oracle. 


Gifting the Giver

09 - Gifting the Giver - 1997  
By joining our masculine and feminine, we give ourselves to the Universal Giver.


Becoming Merlin

10 - Becoming Merlin - 1998
Born of the feminine, a model of psychic wholeness. 


Not Merlin

11 - Not Merlin - 1998  
Treating nature as a commodity, he is insatiable. 
Wisdom is lost to him.


Merlin Wakes

12 - Merlin Wakes? - 1997
The archetype of the Seer, joined with the 
feminine potency of the Earth.

Acceptance of Sorrow

13 - Acceptance of Sorrow - 1999
Upon this reflection she stands strong in full acceptance of her sorrow. One of the cycles of life.


Backbone of the Universe

14 - Backbone of the Universe - 1999
The backbone of the four-footed ones, on which humans depend, encircled by our ancestors.



15 - Trinity - 2000
Skeletons of plant, animal and human. Related 
by structure, related by need. Mutually dependent upon one another for life itself.


Death's Sister

16 - Death's Sister - 2001
Life and Death are joined in a burned stump from which a living branch grows. Death's sister is Life.


17A - Bone Journey - 2000-2010
Mid-sized bronzes. 

I have always been fascinated with bones. They are forms which grow. Bones are given form by the force of each individual life and support it, but their beauty is invisible until after death. They are the synthesis of life’s function and form, death’s architectural remains.

Vessels or boats are expressive of journey. Their forms are pod-like suggesting Nature’s verdant growth. They float. They shape and are shaped by water — life’s principal ingredient. Plants and animals are life’s most abundant forms and provide us with the nourishment to continue life. Combining bones and vessels becomes for me a Bone Journey — a symbol of our own journey through Nature and Time. Each of our journeys is one of life and death. These vessels are its echo.

17B   Crossings  2010 
Boats made with varied natural materials collected over the years, ending up on the shelves of my studio. Found materials, formed together become air-filled boats that can be seen through, hung or balanced on a finger. Though made of the same jig, each boat assumes a unique form dictated by the individual materials. These boats are like personalities-funereal boats of life's moods, shaped to glide easily into the next realm. They carry traces of life around me floating off into a new dimension.

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