Ann Morris

Ann Morris

"This work attempts to articulate the human spirit and its relation to the cycles of nature, symbolized by the horn and its spiraling levels of meaning. Spirit dwells in our bodies, enacting its fateful intentions in the male and female energies that animate the natural order. By embodying this dynamic in sculptural forms I hope to approach and attend the meaning of what it is to be truly human, to formally present the myth and mystery of our origins and illustrate the worthy play of spirit and its mortal home, our humanity.

To that end the work emphasizes the masculine and feminine principles of consciousness within the human psyche and asserts that a holistic relationship between them and with nature is essential to human health and development. My art seeks to shape connections between our past and our destiny, to enshrine the fragile grace and merciless power of nature, to imagine the human place in the pulse ​of time." ​

- Ann Morris
Ann Morris working in her workshop

"Crossings introduces boats made with cane, twigs, wasp nest paper, leather and varied natural materials that have come to me over the years, ending up on the shelves of my studio. Found materials, formed together become air-filled boats that can be seen through, hung or balanced on a finger.

Though made on the same jig each boat assumes a unique form dictated by the individual materials. For me, these boats are like personalities - funereal boats of life's moods shaped to glide easily into the next realm - they carry traces of life around me floating off into a new dimension."

-Ann Morris