Fiber Boats

​I found I was more interested in the materials inside the aluminum boats and decided to use only natural materials for fiber boats.

​All the boats are made on the same jig. Once the hull lis made, the covering material is attached with sinew tied in a cross knot.

Ann making boat on a jig

Boats - 18" & 42"

42" Atlanta Crossings

Atlantic Crossings, 42"
California coconut husk, husk shards from Cap Farrat, France, red osier dogwood, sinew

Bamboo Beginnings

Bamboo Beginnings, 42"
Yellow osier dogwood, sprouting bamboo sticks, sinew

Bark Float

Bark Float, 42"
Cane, unknown tree bark, sinew

Beach Cradle

Beach Cradle, 42"
Driftwood, leather, seed pods, sinew

Black Curls

Black Curls, 42"
Willow, black leaf stems, sinew

Black Sea Crossing

Black Sea Crossings, 42"
Ocean spray, seaweed, sinew

Burlap Boat

Burlap Boat, 18"
Unwoven burlap, cane, sinew

Brown Study

Brown Study, 42"
Fennel stems, Japanese Angelica twigs, unwoven burlap, sinew


Crossover, 18"
Garlic steams, bamboo, thistles, sinew


Damaged, 42"
Seaweed stems, seaweed leaves, dried Sturgeon back fin, sinew

Day's End

Day's End, 42"
Salmon berry vine, salmon skin, bones, sinew


Dehydrated, 42"
Various seaweeds, breach branch, sinew

Deposits of Time

Deposits of Time, 42"
Peeled willow, woven silver fabric, dried hydrangea petals, sinew

Desert Travel

Desert Travel, 42"
Yellow osier, rattlesnake skin, sinew

Dragonfly Silk

Dragonfly Silk, 42"
Willow, silk, dragonflies, sinew


Drape, 42"
Leather, sinew

Field Greens

Field Greens, 42"
Sweet grass braids, field grass stems, norfolk pine fronds, banana leaves, sinew

Flax Crossing

Flax Crossings, 42"
Cane, flax leaves, bird of paradise twigs, sinew

Fragile Fall

Fragile Fall, 42"
Edison Slough needs, fennel stems, fennel flowers, sinew

Hanging Shadow

Hanging Shadow, 42"
Cane/hornet's nest paper, sinew Shadow photo printed on silk

Heidi Float

Heidi Float, 42"
Bamboo, Japanese Angelica branches, Japanese feather grass, sinew


Hexed, 42"
Foxed black willow, wire mesh, sinew

How About Wide

How About Wide? 42"
Cane, garlic stem, whale sinew, sinew

Late Harvest

Late Harvest, 42"
Dried kale stems and pods, sinew

Light Music

Light Music, 42"
Red tree dogwood, dogwood tree fruit, netting, sinew

Linen Boat

Linen Boat, 42"
Unwoven linen, cane, sinew

Lummi Crossing

Lummi Crossing, 42"
Three types of seaweed, sinew

Mysteries of Salt Lake

Mysteries of Salt Lake, 42"
Gathered plant materials, seaweed, sinew

Ordered Disordered

Ordered Disordered, 42"
Peeled willow, beach sticks, flat wax ribs, graph paper, sinew

Parasitic Random

Parasitic Random, 42"
Ocean spray twigs, lichens, licorice, fern stems, sinews

Peach Rest

Peach Rest, 42"
Peach twigs, red osier dogwood, poppy, petals, sinew


Protection, 42"
Black willow, desert gatherings, sinew

Quill Dreams

Quill Dreams, 42"
Painted cane, black gauze, sinew

Resting Blue

Resting Blue, 42"
Cane, fabric, fireweed, sinew

Resting Poppies

Resting Poppies, 18"
Popcorn Plant stems, dried poppy petals, fabric, sinew

Resting Stag

Resting Stag, 42"
Ocean spray, butterfly bush, staghorn fern leaves, sinew


Ribs, 42"
Grape vines, rib images, sinew

Salt Travels

Salt Travels, 42"
Salt encrusted kelp, green seaweed, netting, sinew

Sea Bones

Sea Bones, 18"
Willow, cast Pelican jaw bones, Nepalese paper, sinew

Sea Silk Float

Sea Silk Float, 42"
Studio tree fragments, twisted vine, silk, seaweed, sinew

Silver Filled

Silver Filled, 42"
Black willow, foxed willow twigs, sinew

Skin Boat

Skin Boat, 42"
Ocean spray, chamois, blossom stem, sinew

Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing, 42"
Green osier willow, cane, hay net, bog frond, sinew

Spirit Shell

Spirit Shell, 42"
Foxed willow, butterfly bush, Nepalese Khata, sinew

Spring Floats

Spring Floats, 18"
Bamboo fronds, bamboo twigs, dried daffodils, sinew

Spring Out

Spring Out, 42"
Blackberry shoots, huckleberry twigs, sinew

Summer Crossing

Summer Crossing, 42"
Whale sinew, holly hock petals on paper, sinew


Together, 42"
Butterfly bush, shadow printed on silk, sinew

Transparent Bind

Transparent Bind, 42"
Split coconut sheath, teabag silk, flowers

Twisted Basket

Twisted Basket, 42"
Cane, date palm shard, bracken stem, rope, sinew

Twisted Down

Twisted Down, 42"
Morning glory vines, ocean spray, sinew


Wacky, 42"
Cane, bird of paradise fronds, seaweed, burnt objects, sinew

Waiting Red

Waiting Red, 42"
Red osier cedar, red woven fabric, sinew

Water Woods

Water Woods, 42"
Fir branches, pond lilies, cedar, sinew

Wax Boat

Wax Boat, 18"

When Green is Black

When Green is Black, 42"
Seaweeds, sinew

When Moods Change

When Moods Change, 42"
Painted cane, oriental poppy petals, fabric, sinew

Winter Crossing

Winter Crossing, 42"
Red osier dogwood, screen finish nails, fir twigs, sinew

Winter Stretch

Winter Stretch, 42"
Dried clematis vine, seaweed, sinew

Wisteria Sea

Wisteria Sea, 42"
Wisteria pods, seaweed, sinew


Wobble, 42"
Nooksack willow, bracken, grass from Jensen's garden, sinew

Wound Up

Wound Up, 42"
Red osier dogwood, dried p lant leaves, sinew